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About Our Partners

The Right Vision, The Right Leadership, The Right Team

Our team at Harding Hunt & Associates, LLC are school solutions experts with proven results.

Dr. Barry Harding, CEO and Senior Partner

Harding is a former classroom teacher, school principal, associate superintendent for human resources, policy and instruction, a superintendent of a large diverse school district, and recognized national and international keynote speaker at major conferences and forums.

He is an expert on organizational development, school merger, policy and procedural development. He is a nationally recognized educational expert, published author, a recognized top leader in the profession and he has received numerous awards, including:

  • Local and nationally recognized School Principal of the Year
  • National Educator of the Year for the USA (NIEA)
  • Prestigious Eagles Feather - The highest American Indian recognized honors
  • State recognized Superintendent of the Year

Harding has more than 25 years of experience as an education recruiter, consultant, certified mentor and executive leadership coach, working with schools, districts and boards, departments of public instruction and the U.S. Department of Education. He is also an adjunct professor in the College of Graduate Education at North Carolina State University.

He served as the education chairman of the 7th Congressional Education District in NC and he was appointed as the chairman of the state’s Teacher and Principal Certification Board. With distinction he has successfully served in and helped turn around some of the lowest under-performing and most diverse schools in the nation. He is a change agent that knows how to get results.

Dr. Johnny Hunt, Chief Marketing (CMO) and Training Officer and Senior Partner

Hunt has a very diverse skill set. He is an outstanding educator and public sector state and national government strategic and operations expert on best practices for helping leaders to develop and effectively implement a transformational road-map for success. He is a good listener that understands mission-centric organizations and how to apply public and private strategies where needed to enable desired outcomes.

He has more than 25 years in leadership. He is a former math teacher, assistant principal and principal, assistant superintendent for human resources, and a successful superintendent of a large diverse school system for over 9 years.

He leads board development and administrative executive leadership assessment training for schools and districts and provides oversight for state and local government interventions. Hunt also is an expert in the areas of curriculum development, student outcome performance standards, organizational development, human resources, leadership transformation training talent assessment, and successful interventions.

He is a national education consultant and trainer, former local County Commissioner Chairman, State Chairman of the Education Committee for the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, member of the States’ Superintendents Advisory Committee, and member of the Education Congressional Advisory Board. He recently was awarded North Carolina’s highest civilian award, the “Order of the Long Leaf Pine.” 

Dr. Hunt has extensive experience and recognition in all areas of education and government. He served as Chairman of the North Carolina Sandhills Regional Education Consortium, was named Superintendent of the Year for the Sandhills RESA and was a finalist for North Carolina Superintendent of the Year. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Service to the Indian Community Award for North Carolina, former Principal of the Year, and a Trustee and Deacon of his Church.

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